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visit & play at the silos

Located a short walk or drive from Hotel 1928, the Silos are the heartbeat of Magnolia. With outdoor and indoor areas to explore, shop, and hang out, this space is where food is savored and beauty is pursued—with home at the heart of it all.

Magnolia Market

This original building was the first to open at the Silos. Each season at the market is ushered in with a new collection of products and an inspiring visual installation. Both reflect an intentional theme that is woven through every aspect of the company, including the Magnolia Journal.

Magnolia Home

This space showcases the full picture of home, from furniture and rugs to wall decor, art, and other accent pieces. It’s a place to get inspired by fully-designed room scenes that help you imagine the possibilities for your own home.

Shops at the Silos

Each one of these six shops has been curated by Jo with a specific style and theme in mind. The Shops at the Silos offer a more intimate shopping experience and product selection than what’s available online.

Magnolia Table

Serving breakfast and lunch, this eatery is located in the historic Waco circle, a 10-minute drive from Hotel 1928. Magnolia Table specializes in fresh, homegrown ingredients and good, old-fashioned cooking. It’s a great place to gather for a meal, or you can choose a takeaway lunch on the go.

step back in time and stay a while

Curl up in a cozy chair in the library. Order a cocktail on the roof. Walk the halls and wonder at the stories these walls could tell. Join us for a time to remember.